It’s really never too late to learn

“I have always wanted to learn the saxophone” is a sentence I have heard far too many times when my occupation and the instruments I play came up in conversations. Of course, the saxophone was only one of the instruments adults wished they could play. “It is never too late to learn”, has always been my sincerest response, but in hindsight I do not think that it has ever convinced any adult to take up a musical instrument. Even adults whose attempts at learning an instrument have failed when they were children, believe that it is impossible to continue their musical journeys. 

There is a myriad of reasons why adults do not take up a musical instrument – these are all misconceptions, there are many advantages of learning an instrument as an adult.

Advantage #1: You have years of experience.

While it is possible for children to form new neural pathways, it isn’t impossible for adults to train their brains to change. Adults have the advantage of years of experience, and all the knowledge you have accumulated will add value to your learning processes.   

Advantage #2: No one is forcing you. 

You are choosing to learn an instrument, and you can choose which instrument you would like to learn (something that may have not been the case as a child). As an adult you have developed the self-discipline needed to pursue your goal, and your learning will very likely be more productive.

Advantage #3: It reduces stress.

It is understandable that you might be worried that it will make your life more hectic, but on the contrary, learning music as an adult can reduce stress and give you a powerful means for intellectual exercise that can improve other aspects of your life. There are heaps of studies proving the restorative effect of music, relating to improved mental focus, mood, and even sleep patterns. 

Why are you waiting? It is really never too late to learn, and I can assure you that you will reap the benefits. I challenge you to be the person who can say: ‘After years of wanting to play a musical instrument, I have taken the plunge and I am now learning.’

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